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Posted on Jul 6, 2019

I like reading things that bring joy to myself and others, or teach me how to better do so. Here are some of those things.

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6am (Riva Tez) — A reflection on how much there is to marvel at and learn about and do. Big mood.
“It’s a weird paradox to be so in awe with life that it leaves you detached from important sleep. To be in awe. That’s what the days are for.”

Dumb Tweeting/Smart Writing (Visakan Veerasamy) — A thread on writing, taste, and being yourself (one of Visa’s many many threads). He also writes about navigating life, thinking, EQ, improving, infinite games, and more. Dumb tweets included.

“Why Is It Interesting?” - War Strategy (Anna Gát) — A video of Anna examining war as a study of systems, psychology, decision-making, and communication.
One of my favourite takes here: vacation as war.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online (David Perell) — One of the inspirations for getting this site up and running. David describes the benefits of online writing, distribution, and scale (and how to get started).
“Like any smart investment, [writing] builds on itself. Write something once and you can share it for the rest of your life.”

Salary Negotiation (Patrick McKenzie AKA patio11) — At the root, I think this piece is about understanding how to perceive your professional value, and how companies perceive it. Also why salary negotiation matters and how to approach it.

A Deep Dive into the Harris-Klein Controversy (John Nerst) — An analysis of when two parties struggle to discuss and debate because they’re playing by two different sets of rules (scientific and political). It becomes a meta-argument about these two paradigms without the parties realizing. Or resolving the discussion.
How can we learn and do better?

How to actually hire for “Culture Fit”, without resorting to unfair biases (Jennifer Kim) — Three tips on building a company with the culture you want. I’m especially a fan of Tip #3: marketing your company culture well attracts strong candidates for you (similar to David Perrell’s post on writing as an autonomous asset).