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Sabbatical Notes #3: Goals

Posted on Aug 18, 2023 — 2 mins read

While updating my Now Page, I got to thinking about how I would describe what I’d like to accomplish on my sabbatical. I wanted a clear-cut answer to a question I’d been asking myself for the past two months now: “What am I doing? Where is this going?”

Here’s the excerpt I came up with:

I’d love to eventually carve out a way of living and working that’s more satisfying for me than my prior experience with the typical corporate path. (Maybe I become a feral free agent, maybe I do something else, maybe I end up going back to corporate life for another season. Who knows!)

For now, my gameplan is:

  1. Do My Thing and iterate a lot while cultivating taste, in search of product/market fit
  2. Solve for distribution
  3. Manage my psychology so I don’t burn out

I wrote this on August 13, and it’s August 18 and I already feel like this framing, this angle, doesn’t feel right anymore. My focus has changed, and what I wrote now feels like a sort of red herring. (I’ll be writing another post about this once my thoughts have settled. In short, I had a new realization about what I actually want to focus on.)

But I wanted to preserve the previous blurb as a snapshot of my thoughts. So much has shifted that I’m starting to lose sight of where I was even one month ago, let alone three months ago when I was still working, and I want to keep record as best I can.

“It is as if we launched out from a riverside dock to cross to a landing on the opposite shore–only to discover in midstream that the landing was no longer there. (And when we looked back at the other shore, we saw that the dock we had left from had broken loose and was heading downstream.)” - William Bridges, Transitions